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Şule consults for innovative, insightful strategic vision, and coaches for agile, proactive leadership.


Sule is a catalyst for the business innovation and psychological motivation of her clients. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in automotive, fast moving consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, non-profit, retail, and telecommunication industries.

Sule led one of the largest agencies in the MENA region- Saatchi & Saatchi Istanbul, as managing director. Throughout her career, she was a strategic partner to global brands like Hewlett Packard, Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Telecom Italia Mobile, and Visa. She has a strong track record in building strategic vision, team performance, and management agility.

Key Notes

Sule was invited to speak at TEDX Berlin in 2019, with the theme “Superpowers”. She talked about the “Superpower of Resilience”, how resilience and adaptability are must have skills for today’s leader.

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Client Testimonials

“Sule connected with our team profoundly and genuinely. From the first day on, we felt that she was one of us. At the end of her program, we knew each other and ourselves more intimately. We developed skills to cope with the ever-changing landscape and emerged with a sense to do more for each other.”

“Sule is great! Modest, sharp, genuine, honest. Highly recommended!”

“Sule custom-crafted a six-week module, helping us understand our personality traits and our conflict management styles better. She mixed scientific tools with genuine human moments to build rapport; she created a safe environment to share. Our team was better connected and more knowledgeable than before, with a hunger to discover more.”

“A great day full of emotions and thinking. I got to know myself better at the end of it.”

“When we had our one-day retreat, I was going through one of the toughest periods in my life. I am so glad our paths crossed. I faced my reality and jump started my soul. I have made critical changes in my life and feel much better. I feel grateful. Whatever you did, you did very well.”

“Sule has deep knowledge of resilience research as well as significant practical experience. Add to this, her unique teaching and facilitation method. Her sessions will help you create a resilience model that works for you, in your life.”

"I have had the privilege to attend a workshop at a YPO event in Paris and a series of webinars hosted by Sule on the subject of resilience. Sule combines scientific research with hands on practice of resilience. A very valuable experience on the road to resilience."

"I enjoyed Sule’s humour, insights, and willingness to adapt. Sule, you made the ‘messy middle’ a little bit easier."

“We had an outstanding session on resilience with Sule Kutlay. Her understanding of the subject is deep, and she has the unique ability to explain a complex subject very simply.”

“Sule is a wonderful person & leader, and very giving of her time. Also, a great reflection of the event to come out of it as a forum.”

“Sule’s sense of humour, positive energy, and humble manner gave me the confidence to concentrate on my own resilience.”

“I liked the systematic approach to resilience.”

“I was particularly interested in the “circle of resilience”, which is a very helpful tool in dealing with issues and problems. Her work is very well researched and documented.”

“The content as well as the delivery was very interesting and new. Thank you for introducing new tools to us. And thank you for sharing your elegance, wisdom, and grace with us.”

“This course gave me insights on how to practice resilience in a structured way and prepare for any crisis situation.”

“The sessions I was able to have with Sule had infinite value in inspiration and knowledge. If anyone has the possibility to partake in a workshop like this, I can only say ‘DO IT! ‘. Thank you so much for the growth you inspired in me!”